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Acupuncture and Back Pain Relief

Whether you have been struggling with psychological disorder or have been managing chronic body pain for years, no matter what your sufferings might be, you can greatly benefit from of professional range of services. Aimed to offer sustainable remedies for pain relief, weight management, mental health, children health, IVF support and natural fertility, we here at Always Health and Happiness implement evidence-based approach to make your life a lot simple and comfortable.

What is The Source of Our Remedies & Practices?

It all began centuries ago, when traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) first came into existence. The philosophy of Ancient Chinese practices were- “your body is composed of five precious elements of universe: water, fire, air, earth and metal and the composition of these elements gave birth to human race, ecosystem and almost every living being. In a healthy man, these elements are in a balanced state, where its cycles support and nourish each other”

The essence of this philosophy lies in Qi or vital energy that lead to the development of scientific therapies and techniques including cupping, acupuncture, massage and Chinese Medicine in Doncaster and Surrey Hills. This nature-inspired approach explains that the ability to heal, promote relaxation or relief stress is within your body and with proper stimulation even you can attain a perfect state of balance. This is endured only by TCM.

How Do Our Services Work?

We are a team of professionals who specialize in various aspects of ancient Chinese medications. We work by identifying what could have been the possible reason behind your ailment and then make use of standardized practices to treat the same. Further, we have appointed qualified and trained practitioners for massage (tui na), acupuncture and Cupping in Doncaster and Surrey Hills who have years of experience in the fields that they are associated with.

We have adopted a systematic model of diagnosis in which:

  • The patient explains the illness or sufferings that they are going through
  • Based on this either Acupuncture in Doncaster and Surrey Hills or a combination of TCM is offered
  • The bodily response of the patient to the medication is recorded and
  • Continuous sessions are followed for sustainable health improvements.
  • The Stress Relief in Doncaster and Surrey Hills service works in a positive manner.

The main idea behind this model is: the severity and type of disorder for every patient is not the same. Hence, it is crucial to determine the type and the series of remedies that the patient’s body best responds to and then come up with services according to that.

No Side-Effects or Risks

There is no scope for side-effects and risks in TCM designed for obesity, coronary diseases, mental disorders or Back Pain in Doncaster and Surrey Hills. Because our approach is 100% natural and does not involve any form of toxic chemicals or drugs.

In fact, our therapists pay special attention towards the hygiene and safety of every treatment ensuring that you are able to make the most of it. The time has come to live your life to the fullest through traditional and effective treatments that will help you enrich the best of happiness and health.

If you have any queries then do contact us, and we assure to get back to you at the earliest!

Areas we cover are the following suburbs: Burwood, Balwyn, Camberwell, Doncaster, Surrey Hills, Rosanna, Macleod, Viewbank, Heidelberg, Ivanhoe

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Burwood, Balwyn, Camberwell, Rosanna, Macleod, Viewbank, Heidelberg, Ivanhoe
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