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Acupuncture and Back Pain Relief

Always Healthy and Happy strongly believes that humans share an eternal connection with the universe. It’s the universe that has made human and its survival possible. Every aspect of universe is often in a state of equilibrium and this can even be found in human begins. Your body becomes prone to physical, mental or emotional ailments only when this equilibrium is altered. This means any disease is only a result of internal disharmony caused within your body.

To restore that balance, we have adopted the ancient Chinese philosophy that suggests: “the power to heal is present with your body and this can only be stimulated with the use of right practices and techniques”. This philosophy is regarded to be the essence of ancient Chinese remedies that bring significant changes to your life but without any harmful side-effects or risks.

Know More About Traditional Chinese Medicine

Years of evolution, practice and implementation led to the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – a sophisticated healing methodology that comprises of diverse theories and applications.

The defining principles of this system are:

  • Both the practitioner and the patient are part of the healing process
  • Factors that influence disease, health and wellness are considered
  • Practitioners perform healing sciences to facilitate the natural healing process of the body and
  • Effective natural interventions are used for curing and preventing illness and
  • The care is personalized to address the unique conditions, circumstances and needs of patients

Our practitioners understand the importance of these principles and facilitate the best of massaging (tui na), herbal, cupping and Acupuncture in Macleod and Viewbank services.

We look after each and every aspect of the techniques, where in Cupping in Macleod and Viewbank only professional cups are used for treating the patients and for acupuncture new; clean and special needles are used for every procedure, because at the end of the day, your health and happiness is above all.

What Are The Common Aliments Treated Using TCM?

Poor and stressful lifestyle has made people prone to several physiological and psychological disorders. When stressed about work, people become anxious and consume unhealthy foods that cause both anxiety and obesity too. And if these complications are not acknowledged on time then prolonged obesity takes the shape of heart diseases, liver problems, chronic pain, fatigue and a lot more.

Fortunately, the major health problems that most of us face in this modern era can be treated with the help of TCM. For obesity, our practitioners offer Stress Relief in Macleod and Viewbank that will help you get rid of those unwanted fats in a short span of time. Similarly, to heal anxiety, depression or other chronic problems, we come up with specialized treatments including capping, dietary aids, acupuncture points and Chinese Medicine in Macleod and Viewbank which will ensure these diseases do not take a drastic turn.

How Can We Help?

With our professional services for illness, suffering and Back Pain in Macleod and Viewbank you can overcome

  • Symptoms of severe diseases or pain
  • Treat the complications from its roots
  • Allow your body to work in an effective manner

Because we believe in the power of natural therapy that will bring back the state of universal equilibrium in your body.

Not sure which technique will be suitable for curing your ailments? Call us today, and we will get back to you at the earliest!

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