Zhineng Qigong 智能氣功
Zhineng Qigong demonstration videos
October 25, 2018

Zen Meditation

Dalai Lama with Heidi Yuen

What is Zen Meditation?

Zen Meditation is a psycho- spiritual therapeutic practice, not only a religious practice.

It is a practice of mindfulness.

Like all Chinese/Oriental Arts, it is a “practice” requiring “practice.”

How to Do It?

*Find a place where you feel safe and secure.
*Find a suitable time to practise every day.
*Wear loose clothing.
*Set a timer.
*burn some incense if you like.
*Sit in a comfortable position.
*Keep your back straight but not stiff.
*Put your left hand on your right palm if you are a man.
*Put your right hand on your left palm if you are a woman.
*Let your eyes rest on the floor about a meter in front of you.
*Let your eyelids almost close, but let a little light in.
*Relax your whole body including your face.
*Let the tip of your tongue rest behind your top teeth.
*Rock gently from right to left allowing your body to come to a gentle stop.
*Take 3 slow deep breaths in & out through your nose.
*Now let your breath find its own rhythm — it will become quite slow.
*Let your attention rest on your breath — feel it coming in and feel it going out.
*When you realize your attention has drifted away from your breath, gently return it to your breath.

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