Zhineng Qigong Module 2: Body and Mind Method

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August 31, 2020
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Zhineng Qigong Module 2: Body and Mind Method

Zhineng Qigong 智能氣功

The Body and Mind Method constitutes the second module of training in Zhineng Qigong and is focused mainly on development of internal Qi (internal Hunyuan). This method gains both the advantages of keeping-fit and health preserving, and is good for cultivating temperament, as well as enhancing wisdom and ability.

Features of the Body and Mind Method

  1. Its movements are simple but more difficult comparing to the first module. In most cases, individual movements may be taken as basic form and practised independently.
  2. This method focuses on exercising the ligaments, small joints and the joints that we seldom exercise, enabling us to direct the Qi to our hair, skin, fingertips. As a result, it mobilizes our internal Qi more quickly, but here lies the difficulty, nevertheless.
  3. In this method, unity of form and spirit is realised. Driving the Qi with the body, it relaxes the body and refreshes the mind. The movements are even, slow, harmonious and gentle; outwardly firm but inwardly mellow. Moving like gliding snakes, all parts of the body unify as one. That is “pursuit tranquillity in dynamic”.


Effects of the Body and Mind Method

  1. It helps in stretching the muscles and bones, as well as enhancing health, strength and body building.
  2. It relaxes the body, enables the free flow of Meridians, starts up the essential Qi, and unblocks the stuffy orifices.
  3. Renovating our body and mind and improving our wisdom, this method is regarded as a stairway towards advanced studies in qigong.


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* Contents of the Body and Mind Method is based on A Popular Edition of Dynamic Methods of Zhineng Qigong (in Chinese), first published by World Culture Books in August 1995 and revised in 1998.

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